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You will get:

  • An introduction to The Product Process: What steps should a Product Owner take to define "requirements"? When is a "Requirement" even considered "Required"? What are all the actions that need to be done before a "User Story" can enter the backlog of my development team?
  • Templates to start adapting the process in your own work.

Mom, Dad… Where do Requirements Come From? - A Story about the Full Circle of Product Ownership

As a parent, this is a dreadful question…

How on earth do you begin to formulate an answer?

“Well, son, you see, at a certain point, Mom and Dad were sitting together in a room… We were all alone… holding each other's hands… gazing deep into each other's eyes...

… And we took a bunch of post-it notes and started writing.”

And that's how we came up with requirements, tons of user stories, walls filled with post-it notes.

“This, dear son, is how requirements are born...”

The sad truth is that, in many instances, this is indeed the way it goes. You gather a group of people in a room and initiate a brainstorming session. Typically, there is someone from "the business", a Product Owner or Business Analyst, and a technical person, like a development lead or architect. You collectively brainstorm a potential solution and ‘invent’ various requirements for your product. These requirements get documented as user stories in a backlog, story map, or the like.

Even worse, in other cases, requirements are simply ‘requested’. Someone asks ‘the business’ what they need. ‘The business’ hasn't thought about it much, ponders for a while, and then provides their “requirements" or solution ideas.

"I want this and this and this, …"

It is like a Christmas wish list.

In both of these scenarios, are these genuinely ‘requirements’? Are they actually necessary in the software? Actually ‘Required’? "Required" is a potent word—it must be included, or everything will go awry. It is a requirement…

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What do you get from it?

🔍 Understand Your Users: Dive deep into your users' world, identify their problems, and grasp their motivations. Uncover the 'why' behind your product's existence.

💡 Strategic Decision Making: Learn how to set the right course for your product. Focus on what truly matters, and make informed, data-driven decisions.

🌟 Incremental Confidence Building: Find out how to test and validate your assumptions, one step at a time. Gradually increase your certainty before committing to development.

📈 ROI-Driven Product Development: Save your organization precious time and resources. Discover the path to creating software that genuinely matters.

💼 Proven Process: Understand the strategy, discovery, scaling, and assessment stages to guide your product development journey. Learn how to take control and make more informed decisions.

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This eBook is for you if you are struggling with:

  • Product Development: having difficulties in defining requirements, making strategic decisions, or achieving successful outcomes?
  • Unclear User Understanding: struggling with truly understanding their users, their needs, and their problems, leading to a lack of user-centricity in their product development process?
  • High Costs and Risk: concerned about the high costs and risks associated with software development and want to find ways to mitigate these risks?
  • Lack of Focus: dealing with too many feature ideas and problems to solve, leading to a lack of focus and prioritization in their product development efforts?
  • Difficulty in Decision Making: seeking a structured approach to decision-making in product development?
  • Need for Efficiency: looking for ways to optimize their product development process and ensure that their efforts are focused on building the right things for the right users?
  • Desire for User-Centered Practices: recognize the importance of a user-centered approach but struggle with implementing it effectively?

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The Product Process - An Introduction - FREE

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